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***** Green Leaf Cafe is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 113 reviews!

  • *****

    The restaurant is really nice and cute inside. Service was amazing - everyone helps each other so someone is always refilling your water or taking away empty plates. They're all really friendly and attentive.

    Food was pretty good as well. Food arrived quickly and all tasted delicious. I must say if I compare this restaurant to places like Victoria sushi then I am a bit disappointed.

    The beef tataki was sooo tender but a bit lacking in flavor.

    The omelette rice was really flavorful and so pretty. I quite enjoyed this dish.

    The oshi sushi was good but was pretty oily in comparison to other oshi sushi restaurants. The was no middle layer of salmon if compared to miku but of course the price point isn't comparable to miku either so I can't complain. I didn't like the addition of alfalfa sprouts on top of a roll we ordered, I didn't think it went well.

    Overall for the price, quality of food and service I would definitely return and try more items on their menu.

  • *****

    Have had heard so many good reviews about this Japanese Korean fusion restaurant, I gotta try it for lunch when I was in the area. It was a Friday past the peak lunch hour. This place doesn't close between lunch and dinner and is closed on Tuesdays.

    The sea urchin on linguine was to die for! It was like having the uni sushi, except that every single bite was pure sea urchin without the rice and the seaweed. They were so fresh and thick (total of 4 pieces). When they melt in your mouth, you wished the taste would linger longer on your palate. The garlic based sauce linguine was so yummy while the garlic wasn't overpowering the buttery flavour. You won't believe the price of it. It is a great fusion dish.

    The crispy chicken was seasoned well with garlic. I realized I ordered another garlicky dish after the fact. It was a killer for the taste and texture. The crispy batter was like the fish and chip type. The garlic mayo was made in house I believed. However, the drawback was the thirst I got after the meal. It could've been from the mayo because I packed the leftover crispy chicken and the mayo. I had the same sensation... Or it might be the garlic seasoning in both dishes.

    The vibe and the friendly servers enhanced the whole experience. They were very helpful and tried their best to answer my inquiries about their menu. I will go back with friends to try their oshi sushi, aburi oshi sushi, omelette rice, fritters, grill, gimbab (Korean style roll) and dessert, etc.

    (The menu had a typo for "omellette" - one "L" too many.)

  • *****

    This korean style japanese fusion resto is packed with at least 30 minutes waiting time on the weekend, so be prepared.

    There were 8 of us and we ordered Aburi Platter 4/5), Eel aburi (4/5), Kimchi deep fried sushi (5/5), salmon aburi salad (5/5), and agedashi tofu (3/5). Service was good, no complaints here.

    Overall food was good, some was exceptional. Recommend aburi platter for bigger group, but individual oshi order would work for those who like certain types better. There were two types of aburi which I thought were mediocre.

    Overall this place aims to be exceptional but in my opinion the food did not "wow" me. Wait times were longer than California sushi BUT you can take as much time enjoying the service, which was a big plus.

  • *****

    Finally an aburi spot in Burnaby. Been here a half dozen times since they opened. Make a reservation on weekend evenings as it gets busy. Good selection of dishes. But this is an aburi spot so why mess around. They do these very well. Salmon is probably my favourite but the eggplant one is a close second. Tornado omelette is good and that'll brighten up your social media. Good service and full bar with beer and sake.

  • *****

    We have always wanted to try this place every time we are in Vancouver, and we finally got the chance this time around! We ended up at the Burnaby location because they took reservations.

    We were able to make a reservation for 9 an hour beforehand on a Saturday afternoon, which is unheard of in Toronto. The service was very attentive, the food was good for a reasonable price. The aburi platter, which is what they are known for was aesthetically-pleasing. It was plated like a chess board, and was definitely IG-worthy. We added a few more orders of salmon and bbq eel aburi sushi on the side. Unfortunately, they were not pressed very well the second time around, and they disintegrated on the plate making it quite difficult to pick up. The sushi also had a film of oil that also made it quite heavy. That was probably the only complaint if any. Otherwise, the flavour was there and the rest of the dishes were very tasty. I also recommend the omurice and the souffle mushroom risotto as well!

    The overall experience was a positive one and I would probably rate it closer to 3.5 than a 4, but better than a 3 for sure! I will probably go back when I am in the area next time in Vancouver!

  • *****

    4.2. Green Leaf is always busy so be prepared to wait, but it will be worth it...the food is delicious. We ordered the linguini in cream sauce with mussels. We only wish the portion was bigger! We also ordered three of the box sushi rolls, the salmon, the negitoro, and the tuna with crispy rice. All were very good, probably some of the best box sushi we have had in and around the lower mainland! Definitely order the tuna with crispy rice, that was our favourite. Prices are fair and service was good. We will be back.

  • *****

    Went there last week around 5pm I believe.
    There were already so many people. it was almost a full house.

    The atmosphere was great and i found it's a little bit up scale of most of Sushi restaurants in town.
    More personally, I don't usually go any of sushi restaurants while expecting having a great date, I'd rather go that kind of restaurant whenever I don't wanna cook.
    However, this one I may consider to go with my date to have an awesome sushi and Japanese cuisine.

    Overall, food was great. I have to say I clearly see the reasons why there are a lot of customers. It's great, all balanced tastes in one dish.

    Servers are nice and kind and very helpful.

    The only reason I deduct the star is due to the price. It's not expensive for it's quality in comparison other Japanese Cuisine restaurants, But I personally do not like the food portion in many Japanese restaurants. It's a bit too small for me. I hope It would be enough if I order one rice dish..but you know, Japanese foods are all kinda small portion. No complain but not satisfied in general.

  • *****

    BC Sea Urchin Aglio E Olio ($15) - this was absolutely delicious! The uni was very creamy and fresh, and the linguine was al dente. This dish complimented each other very well, while uni is a naturally heavy seafood, the pasta and sauce was very light and it just all meshed very well together.

    Green Leaf-er ($19) - this was a perfect tasting platter to share! Huge chunks of fresh sashimi, mouthwatering salmon aburi oshi, and that snapper fritter was amazing. The batter was very light and just askhgaglah. It was great.

    Tornado Omelette Rice ($14) - we got it with the jalapeno creamy sauce, and none of us enjoyed this dish (surprisingly). The fried rice underneath was kind of plain.. and frankly didn't even taste that great. You would think this omelette rice would be saucy, but it was actually kind of dry since the rice quickly absorbed all the sauce. However, the sauce was not bad and the omelette itself was creamy and executed nicely. Wouldn't order again.

    I'll definitely come back here again when I visit Vancouver! If only they can open one of these in Toronto now..

  • *****

    Pros: Great food, good atmosphere and friendly staff Cons: Slow service and tad on the expensive side.

  • *****

    Atmosphere: loved the atmosphere that they were aiming for that was both welcoming and traditional.

    Price: appropriate for the market value.

    Customer service: friendly and the service was fast.

    Food: i was in a beef mood, therefore, ordered the beef tatataki which was nicely flavored and tender.

    Notes: i advise coming before the rush hour as this place is popular. we were caught in the beginning of it.

  • *****

    Green Leaf is my second favourite place to go to for oshi sushi. I've been here a few times only because both locations are quite far and I live right in between them. I love this location because it's less of a wait since it's a lot bigger and more comfortable. I've only ordered sushi from the menu but I can say all their rolls are delicious! Not too expensive. The Aburi platter is worth it if you have a big appetite for 2 or a group of 3 people. It's great for sharing and there's a variety of oshi sushi. Since it was just my boyfriend and I, we decided to pick 4 of our favourites to share: Salmon Oshi, Yukke Tuna Oshi, Basil Prawn Oshi with no olives and the Aburi Tobiko Roll.

    It's a must-try if you love oshi-sushi! Staff are super friendly and attentive. If you're around the area, definitely check it out!

  • *****

    Beautiful food, lovely ambiance, very eclectic flavors and atmosphere. The dishes are inventive twists on traditional, and wonderfully presented. The sockeye aburi oshi was delicious, and the kabacha fritters were fun and decadent. My friends also enjoyed their dishes (bulgogi, omelette risotto, charsiu rice, tempura shrimp, chicken and egg donburi). I wouldn't recommend the agedashi tofu (they didn't use silken tofu...maybe medium or firm).
    The taiyaki was the winner for dessert, the sake ice cream was pretty good, the kabacha pudding wasn't very exciting.
    Overall a great experience and the wait staff was very friendly.

  • *****

    Best aburi sushi collection next to Miku! I have tried their salmon, tuna, and scallop aburi and they just melt in your mouth. I have also tried their uni pasta aglio e oglio and it is very good as well. Not too heavy, the uni remains fresh and surprisingly blends well with the pasta. The only issue I have is that they charge $3.50 for a pot of tea.

  • *****

    Husband and I came here for dinner yesterday after a work event. I wanted some good pressed sushi and I had them for skip the dishes for them once before.

    We came in before the dinner rush hour. We were seated promptly after we entered. I notieced that they have a pizza oven outside on their patio space. I'm guessing that a pizza place used to occupy the space.

    Unlike traditional sushi places, they don't offer tea for free. They charge for a pot of tea for $3.50; however they do offer free hot water.

    My husband and I ordered the Jelly Fish salad, Dungeness Crab aburi, Salmon and Avocado and Mango and Scallop aburi. The dungeness crab and the Mango and Scallop were our favorite. The mango and scallop had a wasabi aioloi and something else. It was a perfect balance of sweet with a little kick. The Dungeness Crab was slightly charred with a bit of a smokey flavour to it.

    The only complaint I have is that the jelly fish propotion to salad green. The jelly fish was very thinly sliced. I'm used to thick noodle like jelly fish, so getting it thinly sliced was a surprise for me.

    The service was pretty fast. Food came out shortly after we ordered it. I thought it was a bit weird that they put the bill in a little bucket instead of a little tray. I thought that was overkill

  • *****

    This was my second time going to the Green Leaf Cafe and it was really a great experience! My friends and I had the Aburi Salmon, Aburi Scallop, Beef Tataki, and the Sea Urchin Pasta which were all delicious! The green tea was nice as well. For dessert we all had Sake Ice cream which was strange at first but eventually very delicious. It's a great little spot to go for a nice intimate lunch or dinner. The servers were polite and kept asking us if we needed anything but it got to the point where it became a little pushy. Other than that it was a great dinner. Will definitely come again!

  • *****

    GREAT place to get a bite! Wonderful atmosphere, amazing service, and the food........ yea, its the do a bit of a dance every bite kind of food.

    We came on a Saturday night around 630 so hit the dinner rush. However, we were quickly acknowledged and put out names down. We were seated quickly though which was nice.

    Super prompt service and advice for what to order. We got the seared salmon, negitoro, and mango seared aburi, savory tornado rice, salmon sashimi, and beef tataki. Everything was absolutely amazing, melty in your mouth goodness. Flavors worked so well together and everything was seared to perfection.

    Coming back here for sure! Hopefully sooner rather than later!

  • *****

    This is restaurant is a hidden gem. We passed by a couple of times without noticing it until we decided to search it on Yelp and stop by and try it, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all! The reviews don't lie about this place. The food is really amazing it is fusion Asian food. The sauces and the torched sushi melt in your mouth. Overall the ambiance is really nice and fancy,
    the music was also calming and romantic making it a perfect place for a date! We had the chicken platter, beef tataki platter and the chicken fritters( they were all beyond amazing) the food came out quick and the servers made sure that we were happy with it several times which was nice. The only reason I cannot give this review a 5 star in the fact that they charge almost $4 for the tea that you can get free at any other sushi restaurant. Other than that it is an amazing place and I totally recommend it!!

  • *****

    Located in an unnoticeable area, but once you step in, decor is nice and customer service is very attentive. Their aburi sushi is sooooo good, I can eat them everyday! Their fusion udon/ pasta dishes are very well executed. Noodles cooked al dente, sauce is flavourful, seafood is fresh. I need to go there more often to try their entire menu.

  • *****

    What an amazing gem in Burnaby! Also the price points are so worth the visit. First the food, everything we ordered was deliciously amazing!! We got five things between the four of us and loved every single dish so much we ate all of it and some of us came sorta full! Next the service, very friendly servers and waitstaff. Lastly, no wait on a Friday night! Strolled in at 8:30pm & got seated right away. Looking forward to coming here again. Biggest suggestions to get are: uni pasta and green leaf-er or any of the aburi oshi. Their gimbap looked amazing as well!!

  • *****

    First time here: amazing, food was really good, salmon Oshi and prawn oshi flavours were in point but they came out rather cold. The beef tatataki is really tasty. We had a spicy tuna deep fried roll that had perfect execution. Service was friendly and we were quickly seated at 1145am in a Saturday.

    Second time here: noon on a Sunday. A little more fell apart today but overall the food and such was still good. I ordered two salmon temari's and I must have said the word temari three times but somehow I was delivered a salmon sashimi plate which was huge and quite a bit more expensive. I pointed out the error but In all honesty it just wasn't worth arguing over so I accepted it. Then I ordered the mushroom rice bowl and asked for no seaweed sauce. It's literally just an added sauce. They said they can't do it as there's no substitutes but I didn't ask for a substitution I asked for no sauce. Despite going and asking the kitchen she still said they couldn't do it. I ordered it anyways and tried to pick around the sauce. The menu is innovative and the product is tasty but they really need to accommodate to requests better. The overall experience is a 3.5 as the food is good.

  • *****

    Everything was literally so good!! We had just landed in Vancouver and happened to be in the area. The food and the reviews looked great on yelp so we decided to give it a try! I'm so happy we did! The vibe of the restaurant was really warm and inviting! It's basically a Japanese, Korean, Italian fusion restaurant so they have tons of unique food items. We decided to go with the prawn fritters (basically shrimp tempura), kimchi and bacon rice bowl, salmon oshi (it was highly recommended from the yelp reviews) and the beef stir fry Udon (forgot the exact name). We were extremely satisfied with everything! The salmon oshi was definitely our favorite! So flavorful and the salmon was super buttery. The staff was also very attentive and friendly!

  • *****

    Food and service are the keys here. Bustling place at dinner and weekend, but it doesn't interfere with the overall quality. I have to control myself. Otherwise, I would eat here every day. The Lamb dish and the chicken and corn soup are my favs.

  • *****

    If uni pasta is what your craving for, looking no further. This is the right spot to fulfill it. Great staff, lots of parking by the supermarket, and best of all the Uni and pasta mixed with a combination of mushrooms and sauce

  • *****

    Must try this place! A little expensive but the quality is amazing. We had the combo for 2, very filling and service was quick. Highly recommend it!

  • *****

    The most popular dish in this restaurant is their salmon oshi! Service and food have always been amazing and consistent. The plating of all the dishes are so visually appealing and instagram worthy.Fair prices and a menu with lots of selection.If you've been watching all those Japanese Omurice YouTube videos and want to try it near Vancouver, we've found the place!

    Definitely make an effort to visit this place if you are near the Lougheed Town Center area!

  • *****

    - japanese traditional omurice with an "egg-cellent" western twist. The rich creamy jalapeo sauce along with the tomato flavoured rice inside the soft gorgeous tornado egg. definitely recommend all omurice lovers to try! Non-spicy tomato sauce and Demi-glace sauce availble as well

    - Their fresh out the oven baked Kimchi and cheese fusion style linguine with mozzarella cheese and bacon is also MY FAV! not super spicy and love the texture of the chewy udon like noodle~

    Tornado Omelette Rice Cream Jalapeo - $14.00
    Kimchi Cheese Linguine - $10.50

  • *****

    Affordable AND tasty aburi style sushi! Don't bother with the regular or Korean rolls, the aburi options are the way to go. Jellyfish salad was also delicious. Place does get busy though so make a reservation. Was a little disappointed they couldn't accommodate making a simple tuna or salmon maki roll for the kids though.

  • *****

    flame-seared salmon oshi that melts in your mouth

    The most popular dish in this restaurant is their salmon oshi! One order of oshi comes in 6 pieces, and after trying the first bite of it, you just wanna keep ordering more and more BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD! 2 layers of fresh salmon are hot-pressed together with the rice, and the texture really just melt in your mouth~ the little slice of jalapeo adds a slight crunch to the melty texture

    Salmon Oshi - $10.00
    Chashu Oshi - $13.00

  • *****

    They are a sister company of Green Leaf Sushi on Broadway. This location is called Green Leaf CAFE and they have Oshi just like the other one but also lots of hot foods (pastas and rice dishes) on the menu and seating is way more comfortable than Broadway location. Service and food have always been amazing and consistent. The plating of all the dishes are so visually appealing and instagram worthy.

    We've been here a handful of times and we always order the Souffle Mushroom Risotto ($15) every time. Visually, it's such a beautiful dish to look at, and it taste so delicious. The "souffle" is a really fluffy, jiggly egg white cloud sitting on a bed of creamy, warm mushroom risotto. I've also had their oshi, other pasta dishes and salads. I usually don't order salads anywhere, but the Aburi Tuna Salad ($13) has so many tuna pieces on a bed of Kale with amazing Yuzu Ponzu dressing.

    Lunch is less busy, we've always been lucky to be seated right away. If you're coming at dinner time, be prepared for at least a 20 to 30 minute wait. There is a lot of parking spots in this strip plaza, but they share with Red Robins and a few other businesses, so sometimes it's difficult to find parking in the evening.

    Taste: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Value: 4/5

  • *****

    Japanese Korean Italian Fusion. Green Leaf Cafe seems to have it all. What they offer is the unconventional Japanese Korean cuisine. You'll see familiar favourites on the menu and some items with a twist.

    What they're popular for is the 'Oshi' or 'pressed' Osaka style sushi. They come out in perfect rectangles packed with flavour. They also have a torched/flame seared version of the Oshi.

    Not into raw? Don't worry they have rice dishes like the Kimchi Bacon Rice ($10) and Pasta ($10-$13).

    If you're in the area go have a try. But if you got a large group make sure you make reservations. It was different and worth the experience.

  • *****

    I'm always at a lost for Japanese places in this area because they tend to be average or below. I usually order sushi, but decided last minute on the Uni Bibimbap at Green Leaf Cafe and wow it hit every sense for me. The pile of uni on top, there could have been more because let's be honest here... when is there too much uni? The cooked seaweed, mushrooms and the sauce all piled onto the rice. More please!

  • *****

    Green Leaf was chosen as our go to place for lunch recently. It had been quite some time since our last visit -- we were anxiously-looking forward to this opportunity of another dining experience there. We (my lady and I) arrived at the restaurant just before the doors were opened, and 'open' light was turned on at 11:30 am.

    Service from everyone was very friendly, cordial, and helpful throughout our stay. I believe every one of the several servers working during our time there, stopped by our table at least once, to ensure we were being well-taken care of, and enjoying what was ordered -- in what I thought was a very caring way, and definitely not being overly-attentive.

    What we ordered: (dishes named and described as they are listed by the restaurant in their menu)

    -- Casual Plates: "Osaka Style" Tako Yaki (4 pcs), Deep Fried Dashi Tofu (spicy, deep fried battered tofu in "dashi" broth, 7 pcs), Crispy Chicken (deep fried soy garlic seasoned chicken, on bed of lettuce, 5 pcs) -- Fritters: Prawn Fritter (deep fried battered prawn, 6 pcs), Snapper Fritter (deep fried battered snapper, soy glaze and wasabi mayo, on bed of lettuce, 6 pcs) -- Fresh Oshi ("pressed" Osaka style): Sockeye Salmon & Avocado (6 pcs) -- Pasta + Udon: Beef Yaki Udon (stir pan fried beef udon noodles).

    Service from kitchen to table definitely brought a delightful "sensory surprise" -- everything ordered came to our table at the same time. When laid out, almost covering our table, it sure looked so good -- with all the colours, and shapes and sizes of the various presentations. I believe we both let out a quite loud 'wow' -- I do know we sure received warm and wonderful smiles from our servers when they saw our reaction to their delivery!!

    Food preparations were as good as hoped for -- a wealth of distinctive textures, flavours and tastes. If I had to pick 'standouts' -- for me: snapper fritter, dashi tofu, the fresh oshi, and beef yaki udon -- for she: tako yaki, dashi tofu, snapper fritter, and avocado halves of the fresh oshi. The prawn fritter and crispy chicken preparations were just 'ok' -- prawns lacked distinctive flavour, chicken, though it had lots of flavour, the very small pieces ('slivers') were too thickly-battered.

    All-in-all, a much-enjoyed lunch dining experience once again at Green Leaf.

  • *****

    Fair prices and a menu with lots of selection. I feel their Oshi/Aburi Oshi sushi doesn't quite stack up to the likes of Miku which just have a more cohesive flavour palette. We ordered the scallop, yukke tuna, and salmon aburi oshi, none of them really blew me away which is a shame as aburi oshi seems to be what put this place on the map.

    That being said, their AAA+ tenderloin beef tataki was exceptional and the omelette rice was pretty good too. The presentation of the omelette rice was a bit sloppy however.

    Service-wise they aren't super attentive but they're par for the course for a lot of Korean-Japanese restaurants in the lower mainland. Parking was easy to find and the wait was very reasonable. Prices are also fair overall.

  • *****

    Food is excellent!

  • *****

    I'll always get the Aburi Platter it is worth it 100%
    Delicious everything.
    I crave it on the reggy.

  • *****

    Came here with my parents on NYE. We were seated in about 15 minutes. They took about 20 minutes to take our order but the food was delicious! Fresh and very flavourful! I'd recommend this place if you are wanting Japanese food! I no longer have a severe allergy to msg to I'm able to try a lot more entrees.

  • *****

    I had their monkey brain as special that day. It's very well seasoned and quite generous on large pieces of avocado. There's a large selection of specialty rolls and aburi sushi. A true hidden gem in a small unnoticeable plaza by Lougheed Mall. Prices are reasonable. Korean owned Japanese restaurant.

  • *****

    Great Japanese fusion restaurant in Burquitlam! Their menus are creative and the food taste amazing!! We ordered the Aburi sushi (cheaper Mike alternative) and their cloud fried rice looks and taste

  • *****

    UPDATE: December 28
    After further dialogue the restaurant made restitution. I am now a satisfied customer who will continue to enjoy their quality meals

  • *****

    This place lived up to my high expectations. The restaurant it big, bright and modern. It was busy on a Saturday afternoon, but the service was quick and staff were really friendly.
    I ordered the tuna salad to start it was delish. Best ponzu dressing I've had. The mango scallop Oshi was absolutely incredible. Like a party in my mouth! Must order.
    It is a tad on the pricier side, but worth it IMO.

  • *****

    Went there on a Monday night with a few friends, we were seated by the windows. We all enjoyed the food and talked about going back. The service was good however the wooden chairs got to be a bit uncomfortable after a while. Also they didn't give us an opinion for free water and we had to order green tea instead to share, that was kind of unexpected.

  • *****

    Loved everything and want to go there everyday. Aburi salmon is best in town(tried miku and taka's but this is my true love!!)

  • *****

    Never knew that there was such a gem around lougheed mall. Their aburi sushi were so delicious and not crazy pricy. My fave is the sockeye salmon aburi sushi. The yuzu duck breast linguine soup was a pleasant surprise - broth is light and quite flavourful. Service was fast and great! Would come back again *^^*

  • *****

    If you've been watching all those Japanese Omurice YouTube videos and want to try it near Vancouver, we've found the place! @greenleafcafeburnaby serves their take on the Omelette Rice phenomenon and it's delicious!! It's served with a rich mushroom gravy that complements the rich, velvety texture of the omelette. We also tried their Poke Bowl which was also very well done. The decor inside was also very nice for a restaurant that's a bit hidden away. Definitely make an effort to visit this place if you are near the Lougheed Town Center area!

  • *****

    Delicious fusion dishes! We had 8pm reservations, so quite a few popular dishes were no longer available. We enjoyed our meal thoroughly, will definitely come back & check out other dishes.

  • *****

    Their rice bowl chasu was just flavorful! Aburi set was a little bit oily to my liking but nonetheless delicious. Great ambiance for a sushi place.

  • *****

    This is one of my favourite newly discovered places to lunch. Pluses: it has decently priced Aburi sushi, it's not hard to find parking, and it's spacious with lots of tables unlike other Japanese cafes in this city. Despite that, there is still usually a wait for dinner, which is why I prefer coming for lunch.

    I was blown away by how good the takoyaki was here. The sauce they used, combined with the bonito flakes, packed a powerful punch of flavour. Not to mention the perfect crispy coating on the takoyaki balls.

    I also really liked the mentaiko linguine - this was a no brainer. It was creamy, rich, and absolutely everything you'd want in a mentaiko linguine.

    The only thing I've tried that was questionable here was the sea urchin linguine. The dank smell of the uni kind of took away from the linguine experience. It would've probably helped if the uni was more fresh.

    All in all, I plan to be back whenever I'm in the mood for quick, convenient, cozy Japanese food - which is often.

  • *****

    This is a fusion Korean Japanese and Italian restaurant. It's a hidden gem and they have two locations. I went to the one in Burnaby. We ordered the salmon wild sockeye aburi and also the Japanese cod fish egg pasta in white cream sauce which I like but not so much for my husband. I would like to try the fresh Dungeness crab torch next time and also the beef appetizer and also the tornado rice omelette.

  • *****

    A very good variety of rolls. Every tastes fantastic! The portion initially looks small, but this can feed 2-3 people!
    A must-try for first comers

  • *****

    great food.
    I ordered takeout and it came on time
    fresh and delicious
    will order again

  • *****

    Hi i was there at 12 on monday i am satify of your services special ofa employee named i think gloria.i be thanks if send me a message
    Thank you

  • *****


  • *****

    My mom likes the coffee- the tea is good too, I always get vanilla steamed milk. Always a little busy and we sit and have our treats and do a crossword and it's just lovely

  • *****

    If you're a fan of aburi oshi sushi in Vancouver, you've probably heard of Green Leaf Sushi, a popular location in the trendy Kitsilano area. Earlier in May, they opened up a second location... this time in Burnaby, behind Lougheed Town Centre at the corner of Cameron St and Erickson Dr.

    They did a pretty good job of renovating this place... there's plenty of room and it has an airy feeling with the light coming in from the glass pyramid cupola while still feeling grounded with the extensive use of warm wood elements.

    On my first visit, I had to try their Aburi Salmon Oshi ($10) and Aburi Spicy BBQ Eel Oshi ($15). When it arrived at my table, the faint aroma from the searing process was still wafting in the air. The double-layer Atlantic salmon oshi sushi is well executed with a light and creamy oshi sauce and a sliver of jalapeo which imparted a delicate spiciness to the bite. Meanwhile, the buttery double-layer unagi was topped with crisp garlic chips that you encounter on your last bite and a sweet and spicy miso sauce which lingers in your mouth afterwards.

    Their Tornado Omelette Rice ($14) is truly a beautiful omurice dish with the soft, fluffy eggs spiraled around a dome of rice with garlic flakes, tomato, and chili to resemble the shape of a tornado. Surrounding the omelette is a rich and flavourful demi glace sauce that perfectly completes the dish.

    I returned the following week to try some more of their dishes... the Wild Sockeye Salmon Temari ($3 each), Albacore Tuna Toro Temari ($3 each), and Dungeness Crab Oshi ($15). They use real dungeness crab in this aburi oshi dish topped with creamy oshi sauce and a crispy caper. Inside, a layer of tiger prawn can be found in the middle which adds to the pop in your mouth.

    On another revisit to this location, I ordered the Mango Scallop Oshi ($12) made with mango, scallops, avocado pure, wasabi aioli, and topped with a caper. This was a pleasantly creamy boxed sushi item.

    I also wound up ordering their OMG Roll ($12) which is a type of Korean gimbap (similar to Japanese sushi roll). The OMG Roll is a deep-fried spicy roll with soy glaze, wasabi sauce, prawns, salmon, crab meat, and avocado. It's shaped like a cube and then cut in half and artfully presented on a long serving board (like their oshi sushi). I was actually quite pleased with this "roll" and liked the mixture of crunchy and creamy textures along with the slightly spicy sauce.

    On yet another visit, I decided to try their Yukke Tuna Oshi ($12), Mackerel Oshi ($12) and Green Tea ($3.5). I was a bit surprised that they charge for tea but it did come in a cute little tea pot.

    The Mackerel Oshi is marinated in sweet vinegar and employs a house-made miso sauce and green onions. Meanwhile, the Yukke Tuna Oshi is made with soy marinated minced tuna, a house-made sweet onion sauce, and topped with pea shoots, alfalfa sprouts, and sesame oil.

    Determined to try some of their non-aburi dishes, I returned and ordered their Crispy Chicken ($6.50 for small) and the Hamachi Sashimi ($18). The chicken (similar to karaage) was boneless chicken pieces that had been battered and fried up and served in mini fry baskets with a spicy mayo dip. The 5-6 pieces of chicken were nice and crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside.

    Meanwhile, the hamachi (yellowtail) was melt-in-your-mouth tender with a buttery essence which made it so satisfying to eat.

    The following month, I tried their Deep-Fried Gyoza ($6.50). Served with a dipping sauce, these crispy dumplings had a pleasingly juicy and hot filling on the inside.

    I've been eyeing their Charcoal Grilled BBQ Eel on Rice ($15) on the menu for a while now and I'm glad I finally got to try it out. There was about 6 pieces of tender eel in this bowl along with mushrooms and topped with ribbons of tamago. The unagi sauce went well with the rice and the hot bowl created a crispy char to the rice on the bottom (similar to a dolsot bibimbap).

    Later in the month, we came back to try another slew of dishes... the Prawn Fritters ($6), Spinach Salad ($5), Mango Scallop Oshi ($12), Mentaiko Linguine ($12) with cod roe, Wild Sockeye Salmon Sashimi ($16), Beef Yaki Udon ($10.50), and Cha Shu Rice Bowl ($10.50) with half-boiled egg.

    The Green Leaf Signature Aburi Platter ($63) is probably one of the most recognizable dishes here and it great if you're sharing with friends (or just have a really healthy appetite) and consists of mackerel oshi, tuna yuuke oshi, tobiko roll, salmon oshi, basil prawn oshi and scallop oshi.

    The new Green Leaf Cafe is a welcome addition to Burnaby. If you're looking for a place that serves up solid Japanese/Korean dishes... look no further.

  • *****

    Not to be mistaken for Green Leaf sushi in Kitsilano (no affiliation I understand), this spot is most welcome as the closest place we can get good aburi sushi close to home!

    If you can get a reservation, do it. If you're in a pair, then just sit at the bar!

    Everything is pretty good here. For the aburi, the best is the scallop, the crispy tuna and the basil prawn is pretty good. The salmon is a decent rip off of the Minami version.

    They have omelette rice which is comforting but could be seasoned a bit heavier. Their mentaiko linguine is bomb but be warned, it's rich! If you love uni, they do it bibimbap style or in linguine. Other interesting small plates that are decent include the beef tataki and the kabocha (wrapped around a quail egg).

    All in all you can't go wrong with most things and there are still other options I still have to try!

  • *****

    Quite enjoy this place. I recommend having reservations or coming in early to beat the rush hour especially around dinner time. Once 6:00 pm hits, there's already a wait. Delicious food but not too expensive in my opinion. I have tried most of their popular dishes and I liked them all. I liked the aburi platter - great for sharing and offers a variety of aburi oshi. If you like to pick your own oshi, I do recommend the salmon, scallop and the Dungeness crab oshi. The crab is my personal favorite as it consists real crab, tiger prawn and capers.

    Other notable favorites are the omelette rice, yuzu duck breast linguine soup and vongole bianco.

    Though I am sure whatever you pick on the menu will be as delicious. Great service, delicious food, free parking, and takes card. 10/10 recommend!

  • *****

    This place is bang for buck. All the dishes are very affordable for the amount of flavor and quality you get. My only complaint is their aburi specials are a bit on the oily side, good nonetheless

  • *****

    Wonderful atmosphere, loved all the cozy wood surroundings. The highlight was of course the aburi sushi which was great. The clam Linguini i ordered had lots of clams so i was happy, also tried the pork belly rice bowl and the flavor was excellent, the half boiled egg in the cute clay cup which came on the side was a nice touch. The regular pressed sushi which was not set to the flame was good, however it was similar to other sushi joints.

  • *****

    Also if you'd like a website with actual validation give me a shout.

  • *****

    Seriously though, bad korean food, bad japanese food. look elsewhere.

  • *****


  • *****

    This is fake your food actually is poop..

  • *****

    Just discovered this hidden gem that's so close to my house! Probably one of the better oshi/aburi ive had. Some menu items are a bit pricey compared to other Japanese places and the quality is the same as most. I drive by it a lot now and it's always busy! Nice place to go to if I wanna splurge a little on sushi and not go all the way downtown

  • *****

    Got to this cafe guided by smartphone app.
    Clean place, friendly personnel.
    Didn't wait long time before order was ready. Delicious seefood salad and juicy pork with rice. Tee was from the bag. That's the only thing I wouldn't order again. Price was not too low no very high.
    Good place to treat yourself on the run.

  • *****

    Service was great. It was to a point where we thought the servers were overly friendly (one of the servers was literally beaming). Some of the servers don't speak fluent English, so it was a little hard to communicate, but they were friendly and polite regardless.

    This restaurant has some unique dishes with a generous amount of seafood for a reasonable price.

    - I didn't try the uni dishes, but was told they were delicious. However, my friend mentioned the uni was a little fishy.

    - The salmon oshi had good flavours, but fell apart when we picked them up. They were also overly oily and left a puddle of oil on the plate.

    - The omelette rice was yummy. The eggs were soft and runny, cooked to perfection. My bf complained that there was more filling and egg than rice.

    - Linguine Alle Vongole is my favourite pasta dish and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of clams I got. Not one was closed! However, some were a little sandy. The noodles were a little softer than I liked, but the flavour was mild and subtle compared to the richer Italian version. This dish was a very tiny bit spicy.

    - The disappointing dish of the night was the tiger prawn oshi. It tasted like an Italian pizza! There was too much pesto sauce. The sauce and cheese on top overpowered everything. We didn't want to finish it.

    I've been to the Vancouver location and the Burnaby location did not disappoint. Some dishes we enjoyed while others like the tiger prawn oshi, I would not order again.

  • *****

    Bit pricey, fusion food. Pretty cool dining experience. Aburi is a lot cheaper than what they sell at downtown that's for sure. Def coming back to try some really cool omelette rice.

  • *****

    Really enjoyed my "green leaf-er" combo. Their oshi is yummy and fish fritters were nice too. Sashimi was okay, not the best. Also tried the shrimp basil oshi, it was a little chewy, definitely prefer the salmon. Servers were nice, didnt check on us till we finished our food but it was a busy saturday night. I will definitely be coming back!

  • *****

    Considering how I was in yaletown dining on oshi and aburi sushi, and paying the premium price tag, this place is affordable relatively speaking. It is nice that a place in Burnaby offers pretty good oshi and aburi oshi. The taste was not as good as what I ate in yaletown, but it was good for the price. The menu is interesting enough to warrant a number of visits to try a bit of everything. I also ordered the souffl mushroom risotto and it was pretty good. I was impressed with the fluffy egg and the risotto was made well for a sushi restaurant.

    Service was okay. The restaurant was busy so staff were slow to refill water. The parking situation is a headache when it is the lunch or dinner rush.

  • *****

    Few have been trying to go for a few weeks now and finally yesterday we made it.
    It was Monday night around 7:00 and the place was packed, but it took us 15-20 to get a table for two.
    We had 3 different people asking us how many we were. So the begging was a little bit chaotic and confusing but they sort it out.
    After 20 minutes we got seat, by that time we already knew what we wanted so we order right away.
    Service was very attentive and quick. They were always refilling our glasses of water and always with a great smile.


    We ordered 2 Korean style rolls (i forgot the name)
    One with grill chicken and one with bulgogi beef.
    The rolls were fine we like the chicken better than the beef, we found the beef a bit dry. But overall it was tasty.
    We order the aburi Scallop Oshi sushi, the scallop was really fresh and tasty the rice needed to be a it more pressed since the rice was falling apart but the flavor was really good.
    We also ordered the chicken grilled platter, very good portion, with a ndelicious salad on the side and some rice onigiri. It had a sweet soy sauce.
    And the last dish was the tomato + kimchi soup, it was very hearty and tasty. I would like it a little bit more spicy, it had the kimchi, bacon, tomatoes, tofu onions, mushrooms, very comforting soup.

    We will definitely will go back to try the rest of the menu.

  • *****

    Finally, a good place for affordable aburi sushi in Burnaby! This is in the plaza right beside the Walmart at Lougheed, so it's easy enough to find parking or walk from the Skytrain station. My friend and I got there right as they were opening at 11:30am so we had no trouble getting a table. The inside is nice and modern, and the staff were friendly and very attentive.

    I want to come back and try their egg and rice dishes, but we both couldn't resist getting the Aburi. The salmon aburi tastes on the same level as Miku/Yui in my opinion, and was only $10, score. I also tried the scallop aburi ($12) which was delicious. The tobiko added a nice texture to the scallop aburi! Overall, I had a very pleasant and delicious experience and will definitely be back!

  • *****

    I've been to green leaf cafe 3 times since they've open. The food is just absolutely amazing and delicious. The prices are fair. Nothing we've tried had disappointed us. Our favourite include uni aglio e olio, aburi yellow tail carpaccio and yukke tuna oshi. That being said some dishes can be slightly inconsistent. The first time we ordered the yellow tail carpaccio, it was made perfectly while the second time we noticed that the cut of the fish were in odd chunks and thickness, and barely had any sauce drizzled on it.

    The ambience is great but the service is average and it's something that should be worked on. You can tell that the girls are pretty ESL and it can be difficult to understand what they're saying sometimes. Other than the service you get when you initially sit down and order, don't expect any service until you're done your food and they're ready to rush you to pay.

  • *****

    This is a Great place to spend time with my friend. Great foods as well .

  • *****

    I frickin' love this place! Please don't ever change.

    Reserve your table ahead of time because this place is po-po-popular! We've tried everything from their oshi sushi, pasta, salad, grilled fish, gimbap - they are all fantastic! Medium portions, but the fresh ingredients make it for it.

    The decor was beautiful and unique in every corner. Staff were friendly. Atmoshere was not too loud.

  • *****

    This place was great. The Aburi Oshi sushi is lightly charred, and was delicious, especially the eggplant. The egg dishes were also really good! And the menu was quite interesting, I wish I had stomach space to order more things.

  • *****

    Finally a really good place to get Oshi style sushi in Burnaby. This place does it all from salads to rice bowls to sashimi to Oshi sushi. In my opinion the Oshi sushi isn't as good as Miku/Minami but they are significantly less expensive ($9-12/roll). Quite a few people were getting the Aburi platter which is 6 Oshi rolls, but that appeared to be too much food for 2 people.

    The seaweed salad was okay; nothing special
    The takoyaki was okay; nothing special
    The negitoro oshi (cold) really good, highly recommend
    The salmon oshi really good, highly recommend
    The ebi oshi was okay
    The mackerel oshi was quite a bit fishier than Miku/Minami

    Overall they had great service and offered good prices for the quality of food. I'll definitely be back to try the rest of the oshi rolls!

  • *****

    A nice addition to the local selection of "Japanese" restaurants. The heavily Korean influenced menu provides a nice change from the standard fare and their aburi oshi is one of their signature dishes. Seating, however, is limited and for some reason (maximum capacity?) there are a lot of empty tables. Also, their popularity has lead to staff essentially rejecting walk ins due to their overbooking/mismanagement of reservations. Plan ahead if you are going to visit!

  • *****

    Delicious food! Love their extensive menu, lots of choice as they have some Korean type dishes on the menu as well as Japanese! I have been here twice and will definitely be back soon to try more items on the menu! It is a definite gem for this area :).

  • *****

    Nice sushi restaurant around lougheed. Larger than the one on commercial. But doesn't taste as good as that one. Fair price

  • *****

    Tried this new place with some gfs. The place was quite busy. The food was presented well in ceramic pots and plates. It was an Asian fusion menu with a lot of new and interesting choices. I shared a tofu salad, as well as gyoza and a fritter dish that was mashed squash and quail egg. I really enjoyed everything I ordered. It was tasty and a good combination of sweet and savory. I only gave it a 4 because the green tea, which you have to pay for, arrived barely warm enough to steep the tea and was very weak after sitting for more than 5 minutes. It also took a while to get the wait staff's attention to pay the bill. I will definitely come back.

  • *****

    The food was good, but the presentation and ambience of the restaurant really made it an enjoyable experience. The bowls and plates are very unique - the bowls keep the soups and pastas hot during your entire meal. The price is fair for the portions. The sushi is interesting and look very unique. The interior design of the restaurant is also very appealing. Servers were very attentive and food came out pretty quickly. Not all main dishes came out at once, but it ended up working out fine. Lots of couples and young people seem to dine here. Hip and up and coming.

  • *****

    Let me put it this way. I was starving...full blown hangry. I wanted lady wanted Sushi. I walked in the door cantankerous....I walked out with a huge smile.

    This food was freakin delicious! I never had Oshi style sushi before and OMG, where has this been my whole life?? The snapper fritters were great, sashimi were nicely cut and well sized.

    I am coming back when I visit the mainland!

  • *****

    Local gem! I didn't except such restaurant with both quality of food and ambience but I loved every bit. Food was good (and unique!). Both sushi and cloud egg rissoto was good. When we got there there around 5:30 were some spots and soon we saw the line up. Servers were very friendly and eager to serve you too.

  • *****

    Different location, same great food. I've been to the Green Leaf in Kitsilano but opening this location in Burnaby is a game changer. It gives access to one of the better Japanese fusion restaurants in town to folks in east East Van (if there is such a thing), Burnaby, Coquitlam and beyond. The restaurant is much bigger than the original location and is trendy. They've got some really big skylights so it's perfect for taking your food pics of the aburi among other things for insta and the snap. You can go full aburi but you won't be able to order much else unless you're with a bunch of people. Last time my wife and ordered some aburi plus some additional dishes such as the yuzu duck breast linguine soup. I admit I was skeptical at first because the linguine part sounds weird. I was wrong. The duck had a smokey flavour which was delicious! We also had prawn fritters (typical ebi), and a bunch of aburi including salmon, tuna, bbq eel and scallop. Note that there are a few aburi oshi sushi that you can't get with the big platter so sometimes it's good to go ala carte.

    Holla to the people that used to come here when it was Anducci's way back in the day when it used to be good!

  • *****

    I don't think this is a Japanese sushi restaurant in fact I think they are Korean but don't be fool by that! If you wan't to know what good sushi taste likes this is the place to go, best sushi place I've try in Vancouver period! Place is clean and friendly staff. Not cheap! If you want to try some of their good rolls and you are also having drinks (beer) be ready to pay $80-100 for two.

  • *****

    TLDR: Creative fusion and wide variety. Good and affordable alternative to Miku in terms of aburi.

    I've been to this restaurant 4 times. This review will be a compilation of all the things I've tried.

    1. Aburi platter:
    A must have when you go with friends. You get to try a variety of aburi. My personal favourite are: salmon, scallop, saba, the one with the alfafa sprouts, and the one done as a roll. I'm always too busy taking photos instead of listening to the waiter introduce the rolls. Very aesthetic and a good alternative to Miku. Every bite is flavourful. But beware, it's super heavy so even if it doesn't look like very much, I could feel it after 7 pieces.

    2. Duck platter
    Slices of duck beautifully cooked and plated on a bed of sauteed onions. There is a small pile of rice beside it so you could have it as a meal but it's rather small. Overall, the duck was tender and tasty. I love duck but I would avoid this dish at Green Leaf because the other choices on the menu are just so much better.

    3. Beef tataki
    Same type of dish as the duck platter. The slices of meat are fanned out over a bed of onions and it comes with a small pile of rice. The beef was very tender and properly raw. The flavours were pretty intense and I enjoyed every bit. Again, while I'm glad I tried it, I would get something else.

    4. Cha shu rice bowl
    Again, the presentation is very nice. The egg comes poached and in a small bucket. Cute for the insta! The sauce is flavourful and adequately salty. My only complaint would be that the meat could be more tender.

    5. Charcoal eel rice bowl
    The eel was well down and the sauce was a good mix of salty and sweet but there are only about 6 thin slices of eel.

    6. Chicken karaage
    This was low key the best dish on the table. Pieces were large, juicy, and well battered. The sauce was a good touch as well. Might be the best fried chicken I've had in a while!

    7. Tomato tornado omlette rice
    Pretty, fluffy, saucy, filling. There was a mushroom risotto hidden under the egg and it was tasty! I would get this again but probably in the cream sauce.

  • *****

    Never got to try this place but I have been to most of the sushi restaurants in Vancouver. Finally got to try it and it didn't disappoint. Ordered red snapper tempura to start and the tako wasabi. Both were done perfectly and it was tasty. 3 of us shared the aburi platter and it was the perfect amount for 3 people. In my opinion, the aburi was a little too oily for my tasting but it was still good. That was only con for me at this restaurant. They had good customer service and the atmosphere is very nice with cool decorations around the restaurant. Overall, it's a great sushi restaurant located in the Burnaby Coquitlam area.

  • *****

    For those of you who have never heard of Green Leaf Cafe, it is a very popular Japanese restaurant located in Kitsilano. The Japanese restaurant specializes in aburi sushi (flame seared pressed sushi), is known to be a cheaper alternative compared to Miku and Minami (creators of aburi sushi) and they recently opened a second location in Burnaby near Lougheed Mall.

    The Burnaby location is a lot more spacious compared to the restaurant in the West End and has an inviting atmosphere. There are a few Japanese restaurants in this area and considering that Green Leaf is newly renovated, it is definitely the restaurant with the nicest decor as well as more modern dishes.

    SCALLOP OSHI ($12.00).
    Scallop, fish egg, oshi sauce, black pepper. A favourite of mine due to its creaminess and butteriness. And the addition of a tiny crunch from the masago. I also appreciate that Green Leaf diced large scallops rather than use baby scallops.

    MACKEREL OSHI ($12.00).
    Sweet vinegar seasoned mackerel, house made miso sauce, green onion. Up next is the saba oshi sushi, another favourite of mine! I loved the fattiness and richness from the saba itself, and the green onion to cut some of the grease.

    SALMON OSHI ($10.00).
    Double layered Atlantic salmon, oshi sauce, jalapeo. Last of the oshi sushi is the salmon. If compared to the Vancouver location, the salmon oshi tasted a lot greasier and less creamy. The salmon was fully cooked and was my least favourite out of the three. It was the least aburied too and could have used a touch more.

    Fresh local sea urchin, mushroom, house made seasoned seaweed sauce. I actually ordered the uni linguine, but received this instead. The bibimbap had a plentiful amount of sweet and full pieces of uni (no loose and small pieces here!), delicious mushrooms that provided some texture in this creamy bowl of yumminess and the rice was perfect. I am really picky with rice and this was spot on - soft, fluffy and chewy.

    Linguine, slow cooked sous vide duck breast slices in yuzu dashi broth. The soup exhibited a nice clear broth along with a hint of yuzu, and the al dente linguine tasted great although the duck was a touch on the chewier side.

    BBQ eel, greens, unagi sauce. This was the least favourite dish. The unagi was overcooked and chewy, and some portions of the rice were really hard as if it was scraped off the bottom of the rice cooker. However the sauce did not overwhelm and the rice bowl was not salty.

    BEEF YAKI UDON ($10.50).
    Stir pan fried beef udon. The yaki udon was well cooked and exhibited a nice chewiness, which paired well with the buttery and tender beef. It was overall on the saltier side though.

    Green Leaf Cafe is a great addition to the Lougheed Mall neighbourhood in Burnaby because there are not many above average Japanese restaurants there in my opinion. Actually Hanamori is great, but most of the Japanese restaurants in the area focus on value such as Sushi Garden or Sushi & Roll. Plus Green Leaf has a variety of dishes!

    - Tasty aburi sushi
    - More options that other Japanese restaurants especially in this area

    - Those looking for quantity and value

  • *****

    Quite a yummy spot for fusion sushi! Service was a bit off... but maybe the waitress was new?

  • *****

    I don't think this is a Japanese sushi restaurant in fact I think they are Korean but don't be fool by that! If you wan't to know what good sushi taste likes this is the place to go, best sushi place I've try so far in Vancouver period! Place is very clean and staff friendly . Not cheap! If you want to try some of their good rolls and you are also having drinks (beer) be ready to pay $80-100 for two.

  • *****

    I came here for dinner with my family. Four of us reserved a table in advance, because we saw reviews here that the restaurant was quite full even though it was 6pm only.

    It was great that we got a table right away when we arrived. The restaurant was full and people were waiting at the entrance. This restaurant was very busy that servers were running around, taking orders, and serving all the customers.

    We ordered many food as we would like to try the popular dishes all at once. We ordered a house omelette rice, tornado omelette rice, 3 oshi sushi (prawns, eel and sockeye salmon), beef Yaki udon, duck breast soba soup, and grilled miso mackerel with rice. We had been waiting for a long time (more than 15 mins) for the food to come. The dishes came out gradually. We liked all of them, but I had a little bit of criticism about a few dishes of their food. Each piece of the oshi sushi was quite greasy. The plate of the oshi sushi was very greasy as well. The beef yaki udon had a smaller portion and the way the restaurant cooked dit was not anything special. It seems many people could just cook the udon and beef at home. The duck breast soba soup was originally with linguine but not with soba, but the restaurant was running out of linguine, so it came with soba instead. The whole dish of soba soup came with 4 small slices of duck breast, a little bit of veggies and eggs. The restaurant could have given more duck meat. It was a bit stingy on this dish.

    Overall, we enjoyed the food here. It was just the waiting part that we did not like the most. This restaurant started for a short period of time. Hope the business will run well and we or the customers don't have to wait for a long time to get into the restaurant and wait for the food.

  • *****

    Amazing food. Will def come back. Salad, Sashi and oshi were all delicious!! Very surprised by the quality find in such a local plaza.

  • *****

    Good quality food and excellent customer service! Love their salads and omlette rice!

  • *****

    After seeing the Tornado Omelette rice pop up on instagram, I decided to try it out! Their new location is located fairly close to lougheed mall. I ordered the Tornado Omelette rice, Salmon oshi, Yukke Tuna oshi, Salmon & Avocado oshi, and the Souffl rice. The rice dishes needed more sauce. I enjoyed most of oshi we ordered but the rice was a bit too hard for my liking. The Yukke Tuna oshi was definitely my favourite! If you're around the lougheed mall area, give them a try!

  • *****

    Love how they have a location in lougheed now ! Love the aburi and the OMG roll. The service has been pretty good and I love how they have more seats available compared to the downtown location

  • *****

    We came here to try the famous aburi oshi sushi and weren't disappointed! Between the two of us we had the salmon aburi oshi, tiger prawn aburi oshi, aburi tobiko, and the prawn fritters.

    Favourite out of the oshi was definitely the salmon - rich and melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. The aburi tobiko roll was quite spicy for a non-spicy food lover like me but it was still manageable and I would consider re-ordering. Prawn fritters were lightly fried, and the batter to prawn ratio was acceptable.

    Recently, I ordered take-out from them and tried the yukke tuna aburi oshi and the house gimbap. I think i prefer the traditional Korean filling for the gimbap and I thought the tuna aburi was ok but not phenomenal. I will stick to salmon aburi as a staple and then eventually try all of the other aburi options.

    Next time I dine in, I would love to try the pasta and rice bowls!

  • *****

    Bookmarked this place after seeing all the great food pics and I'm so glad I came here. Must try their Aburi oshi flame seared pressed Osaka style sushi. Expertly crafted pressed sushi are so good. This place is spacious and has outdoor patio. Servers are polite but kinda slow at refilling water and tea. Prices are really reasonably for this quality of food. Been here 2 times so far and I enjoyed the food a lot. Must try this place if you are a sushi lover like me.

  • *****

    This place is so good! The Aburi Sushi is the bomb-diggity! #gottaeathere

  • *****

    Awesome! New and seems the waiters are still trying to adapt. It's a very fast paced environment so I don't blame them. The food was great and I loved it . Go and give this place a try!

  • *****

    It seems like I have a thing to try all the restaurants that serve aburi sushis and hence, I've always wanted to try Green Lead Cafe at the Vancouver location. Once I found out that they opened one in Burnaby, I found myself dashing there right away on a Friday night. I was so glad that I made a reservation cause the line was kind of insane. We got our tables right at 7:30 when we arrived.

    We ordered a small hot sake, tornado omlette, salmon oshi and another type of oshi (forgot the name). I can never get tired of salmon oshi - always love that kick! Since the order took longer than expected to come, the server offered us an order of complimentary sake ice cream. We also added another desserts that shaped like fish and had red bean fillings. They were the bomb!

    I really enjoy the vibe of the restaurant. It reminds me of the cafes in Seoul. I'd definitely return for the aburi platter next time when we have more people.

  • *****

    A hidden gem! If you like pressed sushi and your around the area this is the place to go! Cute little restaurant, clean and prices are reasonable.

    The amount we spent for 2 people was around $80ish

    This included 2 desserts a few rolls which we had left overs and yaki udon.

    They also have mentaki pasta and sea urchin too! I wish I was able to try them but I would be over ordering again.
    Quality of food was good. Definitely coming back to try the other things on the menu.

    We had the salmon / scallop/ shrimp / mackerel pressed sushi. All was delicious!!

  • *****

    Really happy to have this restaurant close to home.

    Food: The food was all really tasty and had great quality. We got the Aburi platter to share between 6 people and it was great because everyone got to try one of each. My favourite will always be the salmon oshi with the japaleno. We also had the prawn fritters which were basically tempura but I found the batter to be more of a good crumbly crisp than a thick batter which was nice. The sauce that came with it was also a thicker consistency compared to the regular liquid tempura sauce. The sauce was flavourful and had the perfect amount of sweetness. We had a bunch of plates of hot food to share: omelette egg rice, linguine alle vongole blanco, and creamy mentaiko linguine. All these three dishes came steaming hot which I love! Cold pasta is the worst! Both the linguines were flavourful and the clam one was slightly spicy. The omelette egg rice was probably the only disappointing dish as it was not really flavourful. The egg was bland. Overall, everything else was perfect.

    Space: The space was very nice. The interior is decorated by wooden furniture and art installations. They had various amount of seating that accommodate big or small parties. Parking was not too hard to find in the complex attached.

    Service: The staff were so friendly and welcoming. We had many requests and questions as someone in the party had a baby and the staff were happy to answer every question or find the answer even if they were unsure.

    Cost: The cost of the food was very reasonable compared to other restaurants with oshi sushi.

    Extras: It definitely got very busy but we made reservations and the table was ready for us even though we arrived a bit early.

  • *****

    A decent sushi place that finally opened up by lougheed mall. I've been twice and enjoy the ambiance that comes with the restaurant each time. Oshi are cooked well. Flavours are good. Scallop oshi is a must.

  • *****

    Came to this place after hearing about their budget-friendly aburi sushi. Did not disappoint! Also recommend trying their other creative dishes too, such as the tornado omurice. We waited 20 mins on a busy Thursday night dinner time, and service was not really attentive likely due to busy staff, and we had to serve ourselves sometimes but the food was good!!

  • *****

    This is a really great addition to a neighbourhood in need of a nice casual restaurant with amazing food. Service was good and the food was delicious.

  • *****

    Met one of my girlfriends for dinner here from Richmond and will definitely make the drive back! We ordered the platter for 2 plus an appetizer of gyoza and we have NO complaints. Everything was beautiful, fresh and most importantly delicious

    Be aware, there was quite a wait when we arrived, luckily we made reservations.

  • *****

    Crazy good here!! Was referred by a friend who ate here a few days ago and I wanted to try the omelette rice (tornado omelette).

    The pressed Dungeness crab oishi was delicious! Super rich and fresh and perfectly sized.

    Omelette was super fluffy and the fried rice had a good flavour to it. The sauce used didn't overpower the whole dish which made it easy to finish.

    Kimchi cheese liguine was special because I've only ever had kimchi udon and the two are totaaaally different.

    Food came all at once, was still piping hot. The staff were nice and quick which was great!

  • *****

    Green Leaf is definitely a new favourite Japanese restaurant in the burquitlam area! There is such a great selection of options that range from several very unique oishi aburi, sashimi, soup noodles, rice dishes, fritters, salads, platters, and desserts. One of the very popular dishes there that almost all the tables ordered was the tornado omelette rice. It is such a beautiful plate where the omelette is swirled like a tornado - insta-worthy dish, but taste wise I didn't find it as great as it looks and for me, it was missing some protein in that dish. My other dishes were amazing! Love the oishi aburi in particular the scallop one! So creamy and flavorful! The snapper fritters in the platter are really good too! I would definitely order the fritters again on its own even. And lastly my favourite has to be the yuzu duck breast linguine soup. I really like soup noodles and this was a very refreshing take of soup noodle with the yuzu. So happy to have this in my neighbourhood and can't wait to go again soon to try out more dishes!

  • *****

    So excited to hear that this new restaurant opened up right by Lougheed Mall. I've been wanting to try their original location in Vancouver but haven't had a chance to yet. I had heard a lot of good things about their aburi oshi sushi. The 4 of us ordered several items to share:

    Salmon Oshi ($10, 6pcs) - similar to Miku's signature salmon oshi; not as refined but well worth the price and still very delicious. The smokey flavour wasn't overpowering and the salmon was fresh with a bit of heat from the jalapeno.

    Scallop Oshi ($12, 6pcs) - I've never had scallop oshi before so this was a nice surprise and treat! It was incredible. I'm a huge fan of scallops so I really enjoyed this.

    Green Leaf-er ($19.50) - comes with 3pcs of the snapper tempura, 6pcs of daily sashimi, and 6pcs of daily oshi. Highly recommend this if you want a good variety of items. It's definitely worth it. Everything was so yummy, including the sashimi. We had 3 pieces of salmon and 3 pieces of tuna. The fish was fresh and almost melted in my mouth!

    Snapper Fritters ($9, 6pcs) - snapper tempura with soy glaze and wasabi mayo sauce. OMG, this was my favourite. The batter was light and crispy, and the snapper was perfectly cooked inside -- still moist and flaky. It was also served hot and fresh. Definitely recommend getting this!

    Linguine Alle Vongole Bianco ($13) - requested the noodles to be cooked very firm and they were perfect! This came with a LOT of clams too.

    Souffle Mushroom Risotto Omelette Rice ($18) - probably my least favourite dish out of everything we ordered but it was still good. The risotto was a bit bland and missing the creamy, richness that I expect risotto to have. The omelette could have been cooked a bit less as well. However, still an enjoyable dish and I liked the mushrooms.

    We also got to sample the Kabocha Creme Brulee. The maple syrup was served in a little pipet dropper, which was a nice addition and I loved the kabocha crisps. The texture of the creme brulee could've been more smooth, but the flavour was spot on.

    Everything we had was so yummy and I can't wait to come back! I'm looking forward to eating their aburi oshi and snapper fritters again!

  • *****

    I didn't know what to expect walking in here. I had just finished a long workout and wanted some healthy, tasty food. This restaurant does that in spades- it has a very unique take on aburi, exemplifying a meatier, heartier feel of the fish. I had a wonderful aburi salmon salad with a great sesame seed dressing. The basil combo for the aburi yellowtail carpaccio is novel and it imparts a wonderful flavor with the capers. And the spicy unagi aburi sushi had a wonderful charcoal aftertaste that made the spicy Korean sauce sing. Management are super sweet and gave me a free dessert because I volunteered my table to accommodate a party of 6. I very much enjoy the experience here - the chill, jazzy ambience with lovely wood panel decor is the perfect way to enjoy a Korean Japanese fusion sensation. Mashisayo!

  • *****

    Green Leaf Cafe opened in our neighbourhood recently, we did a pre-Mother's Day lunch with daughter & son there yesterday. We arrived at the restaurant just after it had opened its doors at 11:30 am, received welcome greetings upon entering, were shown to a table (w/bench seating on one side, chairs on the other) near the window (views out to Cameron Street, and buildings/greenery over at the Cameron Library/Rec Centre in the background) - menus and tall glasses of cold water quickly followed.

    Ambiance: "woody & warm" colours and materials, with ample natural light. Along with some background jazz music, it looked, sounded, and 'felt' pleasing.

    Service: warm, friendly, and helpfully-attentive throughout our stay.

    Food ordered: (Note: I have used names of dishes, and descriptions of ingredients, as per listings provided in the in the restaurant's menu)

    -- Spicy Seafood Salad - daily fresh diced sashimi, seasonal greens, Korean style spicy sauce & yuzu ponzu vinaigrette -- 'Bulgogi' Beef Platter (beef teriyaki) - sweet soy marinated charcoal grilled sliced beef (w/dipping sauce, rice, small potatoes, fresh lettuce greens, w/sliced radish, sprouts, and green beans) -- Prawn Fritter (prawn tempura) - deep fried battered prawns (w/dipping sauce) -- Green Leaf Signature "Aburi" Platter - six kinds signature aburi oshi: salmon, basil prawn, yukke tuna, mackerel, scallop, and aburi tobiko (w/garnishes of sprouts, sliced olives and hot peppers, pickled ginger, sauces, spices/herbs, and etc).

    Dishes arrived in a timely and 'the' appropriate sequence. Salad was first, and I believe we all let out rather loud "wows" when it was put on the table - so good looking! And preparation a big yum - ingredients so fresh, bright, and cool, with sauce, dressing, and spices very flavourful and tasty. The prawn tempura arrived next - it looked good, and tasted the same - batter was perfect 'see-through-light' in texture, and crispy, prawns, large, tender, and sweet. Ordered for Mom (I snuck a taste), she savoured it. The beef teriyaki and aburi platters arrived last, with both presentations receiving appreciative 'wows'. Their preparations offered a fine assortment of distinctive textures, flavours, and tastes - each was well-received and enjoyed. The teriyaki beef was a dish ordered at Mom's request, but shared by all - everything on the platter well-prepared, and the beef especially tender & sweet. I ordered the signature aburi platter, thought daughter and I just 'had' to see and experience it - we, and the others, were not disappointed - the makings were very decently-prepared, flavours and tastes much-enjoyed - it was a "fun" treat.

    With our thanks, and good wishes to the hosts, our first time visit to Green Leaf was a most-delightful, and fun dining experience. Welcome to the hood!!

  • *****

    Green Leaf Cafe opened last week in our neighborhood so we decided to try it out tonight. We were pleasantly surprised by the decor and atmosphere. Smooth jazz playing in the background, open concept space with lovely natural light. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful with food recommendations. The food came out quite quickly and the presentation was beautiful. If you love oshi then you must try this place! It was melt in your mouth delicious!!! Welcome to the neighborhood, can't wait to come back!

  • *****

    We tried out Green Leaf Cafe this evening since it just opened up a few days ago. The menu has a lot of other new items as compared to their sister location in Kits. They offer less of the familiar sushi related items as found in your typical sushi restaurants but make up for it with their Oshi & Aburi offerings and other special rolls. We ordered their signature Aburi Platter, Prawn Fritters and Vegetable Fritters. Everything tasted very good. The wait staff was very friendly and attentive and the food came out in a timely manner. Overall, a good meal and we enjoyed our time there.

  • *****

    Green leaf cafe always keeps the quality.
    Thank you for coming and we have a sister restaurant in kitsilano, 3416 West Broadway Vancouver.
    Green leaf sushi in Kits open Mon to Sat 11:30~10:00.